What's New


Split Screen Basemap Timeline

From either the Basemap Panel or Timeline, and if configured by an administrator, users can enable a split screen slider and compare two basemaps simultaneously.

This is particularly beneficial when comparing current aerial imagery with imagery from the past.

See Basemaps for more information.

Upload Data

Upload large vector files directly into an IntraMaps session and have the ability to visualise that data within a matter of seconds.

Currently supported formats include: ESRI Shapefile, Google Earth KML, GPS eXchange Format, MapInfo MIF and MapInfo TAB files.

The Upload Data tool enables users to quickly and easily visualise a spatial dataset in one of the supported vector file formats.

See Upload Data for more information.

Selection Filter

Using a configured search template and an associated search form, users can filter their selections in IntraMaps based off the fields that are configured within that search form.

This allows a user to perform a selection of properties using one of the selection tools, or using one of the predefined property search forms. For example, users may run a search on all properties by suburb, and then have the ability filter those selection results by land area and/or property type.

See Selection Filter for more information.

Network Tracing - Affected Assets

Improved Network Tracing functionality by implementing the ability to determine what assets or features are affected by a network trace, based on their relationship between each other.

This extends the previous Property function and applies it across other layers.

See Affected Assets for more information.

Multi Controls Full Text Search

Improved search capabilities which allow multiple criteria, or controls, to a full text search.

User Settings Enhancements

Users can re-order and save Modules and Search forms.

This allows for a more intuitive experience when users return to load an IntraMaps session and have their favourite, or most commonly used, Modules and Search forms listed by preference.

See Modules and Search Forms under User Settings for more information.

Decimal Places for Coordinate & Measurement Tools

Coordinate and Measurement tools now display decimal places for improved precision.

To account for this, a scale-based format has been applied to both tool options and the number of decimal points displayed will now differ based on the current map scale, as well as the specific measurement unit, such as meters or kilometres.

Arrow Annotations

Create arrow annotations to point out a specific feature or signify direction.

See Arrow Annotations for more information.

Annotation Enhancements

A number of enhancements including annotation measurements, symbol rotation and support for negative values in Buffer Selection.

Export Map Image

New parameters: Orientation and Size have been added to the Export Map Image function.

See Export Map Image for more information.

Measurement Distance Toggles

Line and Area measurements now have the option to toggle on/off the distances of line segments that are displayed on the map.

Share Map

The Create Link button has been removed and shared map links are now automatically updated with each change and can be copied to clipboard instantly.

See Share Map for more information.